How to Secure an Excess Telecom Free Tablet: Easiest Way

How to Secure an Excess Telecom Free Tablet: Easiest Way

Are you looking to obtain an Excess Telecom Free Tablet without the hassle? If you answer “yes,” you have come to the right place.

Excess Telecom is a rapidly expanding telecommunications company in the United States boasting over a hundred thousand satisfied customers across 47 states.

As a participant in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), Excess Telecom offers eligible individuals a remarkable opportunity to acquire a free tablet and other benefits such as free services, plans, and hotspots.

This article will delve into every aspect of the Excess Telecom Free Tablet program, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, and more. So without further ado lets get started.

Excess Telecom Free Tablet ACP

Excess Telecom provides internet and tablets at no cost to low income families. This is made possible through the Affordable Connectivity Program formerly the Emergency Broadband Benefit program which offers unlimited data to government-funded tablets.

Eligible for Excess Telecom Free Tablet

Who Is Eligible for Excess Telecom Free Tablet

To be eligible for this program you must meet specific criteria based on your income and participation in certain government assistance programs. Here is a breakdown of the eligibility requirements:

Income Based Eligibility:

  • Your household annual gross income should be at most 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines which may vary by state.
  •  Low-income students can also benefit from federal aid through Pell Grants.
  •  Unemployed individuals can participate if they provide documented proof that their annual income is below $99,000.

Program Based Eligibility:

Excess Telecom may provide free wireless service and tablets to individuals who are part of government assistance programs including but not limited to:

  • CalFresh
  •  Lifeline
  •  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  •  Medicaid
  •  Veterans & Survivor Benefits

The distribution of free tablets is one way eligible individuals can access free wireless service through the ACP program bridging the digital divide and providing essential connectivity and technology resources to those in need.

Required Documentation for Excess Telecom Free Tablet Application

When applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program benefits from Excess Telecom you will need to provide the following documentation:

Income Proof:

  • Paycheck stub
  •  Veterans Administration Statement of Benefits
  •  Prior year’s state, federal or Tribal tax return
  •  Recent income statement from your employer
  •  Social Security Statement of Benefits
  •  Unemployment documentation
  •  Child support award
  •  Worker’s Compensation statement of benefits
  •  Divorce decree
  •  Any other relevant document showing income
  •  Document demonstrating substantial loss of income

Identity Proof:

  • US Military ID
  •  State ID
  •  Social Security Number (SSN)
  •  Passport
  •  Driver’s License
  •  Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  •  Tribal Identification Number

Government Assistance Program Participation Proof:

  • Consent letter
  •  Benefits award letter
  •  Letter of benefit verification
  •  Benefits declaration
  •  Educational records

Address Proof:

  • Tribal ID
  •  Mortgage or lease statement
  •  Utility bill
  •  Driver’s License
  •  State ID
  •  Tax return

Steps to Apply for the Excess Telecom Free Tablet

Applying for the Excess Telecom free tablet and service is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Check if Excess Telecom service is available in your area.
  2.  Verify your ACP eligibility using the National Verifier tool on their website.
  3.  Contact Excess Telecom to request a free tablet and monthly service. You can reach them at 1-866-594-3644, visit their official website at or contact them through their social media channels.
  4.  Input your ZIP code on and apply for a free tablet and internet subscription from Excess Telecom.
  5.  If your application is approved, Excess Telecom will contact you and provide you with a free tablet.

Note: If you don’t qualify for the Excess Telecom ACP program consider exploring other service providers like Assurance Wireless, Unity Wireless, or Sky Devices for potential tablet offerings.

Other Benefits of the Excess Telecom EBB Program

Apart from the free tablet, the Excess Telecom Affordable Connectivity Program offers several other advantages:

  • Access to high speed access wireless internet at no cost, ensuring easy communication with loved ones and crucial institutions.
  •  Savings of $50 per month for new broadband subscribers with $75 per month savings for Tribal members.
  •  I am joining a reliable service with responsive customer support.

Best Tablet Options Offered by Excess Telecom in 2023

While Excess Telecom does not specify the exact tablet model you will receive they offer a selection of models you might be eligible for. Some of these models include:

  • Alcatel Joy Tab 2
  •  Apple iPad
  •  Apple iPad Mini
  •  KonnectONE Moxee Tablet
  •  Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus
  •  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  •  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020
  •  Samsung Galaxy Tab E
  •  Samsung Tab S3

Here’s a comparison of our top four picks:

FeatureApple iPadAlcatel Joy Tab 2Samsung Galaxy Tab 4Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus
Display10.2-inch Retina display8-inch IPS LCD display8-inch WXGA TFT display8-inch IPS LCD display
ProcessorApple A13 Bionic chipMediaTek MT8765B quad-core processorQualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core processorMediaTek Helio A22 quad-core processor
Storage32GB, 128GB, 256GB32GB, 64GB16GB, 32GB32GB, 64GB
Rear Camera8MP5MP8MP8MP
Front Camera1.2MP2MP2MP5MP
Operating systemiPad OS 16Android 11Android 4.4 KitKatAndroid 7.0 Nougat

Excess Telecom Tablet Replacement

In addition to the numerous benefits of the Excess Telecom Affordable Connectivity Program, ther i’s another fantastic advantage – Excess Telecom Tablet Replacement. This feature allows you to effortlessly dispose of your Excess Telecom tablets when you no longer need them.

Reach out to their customer service team at +800-615-0898, and they will guide you through the process, arrange for a convenient pickup, and offer compensation or credit toward your telecom bill. It’s a win-win situation that simplifies your life and keeps your space clutter-free.

Excess Wireless Customer Service
Excess Telecom Free Tablet

Q: Are Excess Telecom Free Tablets Completely Free of Charge?

A: The tablets are not entirely free due to FCC ACP regulations. Clients may be required to pay between $10 and $50 for the tablet.

Q: What do I do if I have any other questions regarding Excess Telecom Free Tablets? A: For any inquiries about Excess Telecom free tablets do not hesitate to contact their customer service at (800) 615-0898 or via social media or their website.

Q: How do you request Excess Telecom Tablet Replacement or Phone Replacement? 

A: You can initiate a tablet replacement by calling (800) 615-0898.

Q: What is Excess Telecom customer service’s Phone Number? 

A: Dial +800-615-0898 to connect with Excess Telecom’s customer service department for assistance setting up a new connection, addressing any existing issues, or general inquiries.

Q: How do I qualify for the Excess Telecom EBB program? 

A: Verify your eligibility at

Q: What are the EBB program’s restrictions? 

A: Each family can receive a monthly subscription discount and one device discount. The discounts are time-limited and non transferable between providers. You wont be eligible for another if you’ve acquired a discounted device from one provider.

Q: Can I apply for an EBB-free laptop? 

A: Eligible individuals can apply for the EBB free laptop program following a process similar to the one outlined in this article.

Closing Comments

This comprehensive article covers all the information you need to secure an Excess Telecom Free Tablet. If you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below. Our team is committed to providing prompt responses.


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